Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Poor, Neglected Blog!

Well, I feel rather sheepish just now. The last time I posted, my son was just an infant, and my little girl was a chatty 3 year old. My daughter's chattiness hasn't changed, but she is a big kindergartner now. My boy-child will be 3 in February, and this week he has been mastering potty training. It amazes me to think back on where I was in 2009 when I first started this thing...

I don't really have an excuse as to why I've not been posting. Life just got the better of me, I suppose. I find that I am in need of an outlet lately, though, and I stumbled upon this little blog in stowed away in my bookmarks. So I figure that I'll give it another shot. 

That said, look for more from me soon. I doubt there will be anything incredibly profound, but you might find something amusing from time to time. I hope that anyone who takes the time to read this is doing well! I promise to try to do better. 

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