Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wisdom from an Unexpected Source

"I have 2 kids, a big dog, a crazy cat, and a parrot, and I still don't feel like I can manage my own life... The beauty (and challenge) of life is that there's always more to learn."

Sounds good, eh? I like to think so, even if I was the one to post that to a friend's status on Facebook earlier. Now I just need to remember it for myself. Life is beautiful in spite of the challenges because each day is new... an adventure if you will. 

That needs to be my new mantra. It's true. I know that its true, but that doesn't stop me from forgetting it sometimes. 

It goes along with that new resolution to have more patience... a resolution that didn't go as well as I would have liked today. 

But to quote my favorite author, L.M.M., (Yes, I know, again!) "Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?" 

Bravery or Stupidity?

The husband and I had some Christmas shopping to finish up, and here are some things we learned today.

1. Best Buy really isn't all that kid friendly. We noticed that the movie aisles (where we spent most of our time) were surprisingly narrow, making it hard to navigate through without Gideon clearing the movies off of their shelves or Kieradyn thoughtlessly knocking into other shoppers. 

2. Shopping with a newly potty trained child means a lot of false potty alarms. 

3. In addition to these false alarms, Gideon is apparently terrified of public toilets. Hubby says he burst into tears at the sight of it. 

4. More than 10 minutes is too long in an electronics store with two kids along. (We were there for an hour).

5. There are still nice people in the world. Thank you fellow shoppers who offered us their spot in line because our kids were melting down. 

6. Probably the most important lesson of today was that next year we need to get a babysitter and go shopping without the little bra-- DARLINGS. Without the little darlings! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Scope for the Imagination

"Isn't it splendid to think of all the things there are to find out about? It just makes me feel glad to be alive--it's such an interesting world. It wouldn't be half so interesting if we knew all about everything, would it? There'd be no scope for the imagination then, would there?"
 ~ Lucy Maude Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

It is amazing what kids will come up with when left to it. My kids aren't lacking in the imagination department even if it sometimes drives me a wee bit crazy.

 The husband and I were trying to enjoy some random television show (I don't know why we bother because we both know that this is usually futile before 8pm when both kids are here)when we noticed that Kieradyn had a jump rope looped under her brother's midsection while she had herself haphazardly strapped into their little wooden chair. (This is the same little wooden chair that was mine when I was a youngling.)

She was calling out for him to "Get on, Reindeer! Ya! Ya!" or some such, and he was successfully dragging her across the room, much to what seemed to be their mutual delight. Shortly thereafter, she strapped Gideon into the chair with a jump rope (I thought it was cute that she was at least trying to be safe) and treated him to the same ride. There was much giggling from both and cries of "Look Mommy!" 

I am none too proud to admit that I almost missed this little moment. Don't get me wrong. I know this isn't anything monumental, but their joy... their inventiveness...! It was almost missed because I nearly shouted a complaint that they were playing too loud. Part of me wanted to put a stop to it because what if they scuffed up the floor? Too often I get caught up in what I like to refer to as "frazzled-mommy-mode" where I just want a bit of peace and quiet... where its easier to say, "Just a minute, Sweetie. Momma's doing something." Ironically, I find myself yelling in a bid to achieve this, but my re-evaluations about that situation are for another blog post, methinks. 

Anyway, I guess it got me thinking back to the things I came up with back in my own childhood. I remember overhearing my gramma on more than one occasion commenting on how I was a bit of an odd duck with all of the little make believe games that I'd drag my sister into. Back then I embraced that uniqueness. I could entertain myself for hours outside with a little pot and leaves which would become stew or a bubbling cauldron filled with a magic potion. Or maybe we'd be superheroes with blankets for capes... 

The possibilities were endless, and I remember feeling so special and invincible... 

When did I lose that feeling? More importantly, how can I keep my kids from losing it? 

Okay, please excuse this unexpected and only slightly related tangent...

This isn't where I was going on this post, but now I am reminded of a song that I discovered a few months back written and performed by a young lady by the name of Dani Shay that I think I'll link here: 

Yes, she bears a certain resemblance to a particular teenage heartthrob, but please don't let that take away from her amazing song and talent. 

I guess the point of this little blog post is that I want to nurture these moments instead of shutting them down before they really even begin. It isn't New Year's yet, but I resolve to have more patience. I want my kids to have all of the 'Scope for the Imagination' that they need, and I want them to continue to face the world with their heads held high like all kids seem to do naturally until a certain point in their lives when they become more like us all too ho-hum adults. 

I like how they can look at something so commonplace and make it... magical. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Mother & Anne Shirley

When I was a little girl, I can remember my mom reading to me. We did the usual picture books, of course, but pretty early on, she started reading chapter books as well. I think she wanted me to understand the beauty of words. One of the first books that I remember her reading to me was Anne of Green Gables. I also remember having marathon sessions of the mini-series based on the book that was produced by Kevin Sullivan.

A lot of things from that have stuck with me. My love of red hair, for one. Ever since I've been old enough to do what I want with my hair, there have almost always been at least a few streaks of red in it. Just a random little quirk of mine.

It was this time with my mom that fostered my love of reading. I often feel bad because my younger sister doesn't have as many of these strong memories.

Our mom died in August of 1995 in a car accident. I was 11. My sister wasn't yet 5. Our mother was only 28. I read that book, particularly the last chapters after Anne lost the beloved Matthew, a lot those months after my mom passed.

To this day, when I am feeling particularly low, I pick up one of the Anne books, and not only do I feel like I'm curling up for a chat with an old friend, but I feel closer to my mom too. Maybe it is because I am going to be 28 in just a matter of months, but I want more than ever to forge these types of memories with my own children. I guess that's the reason that Lucy Maud Montgomery's precocious redhead has been so much on my mind of late.

I'm need to get my hands on copies of the movies, but I have the books already. Tomorrow, Kieradyn and I might try out the first chapter tomorrow. Trying to sort out my thoughts, I was inspired to start a Squidoo Lens... something that I thought might help to introduce my 5 year old to the characters that I hope she will grow to love as much as I do. I thought that others might like to see it too. You can visit it HERE.

Feel free to visit my other lenses as well, in case you're curious:

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Potty Training Triumph

On Monday morning I was nearly in tears of frustration because nothing seemed to be working getting Gideon to use the potty. Granted, we'd only been trying consistently for a couple of days previously, but that made it no less discouraging to have him sit on his little blue and green potty for 15 minutes only to have him pee no more than 3 minutes after getting up.

Ironically, later that same day it just seemed to click for the kid. Since then, this week has consisted of, maybe, 3 accidents... 2 of which being when he was on his Dad's watch while I was at the grocery store or shut away writing a paper for my marketing class. For whatever reason, he doesn't seem to do quite as well for Daddy, or maybe it has more to do with Kieradyn being home, distracting him. He does think his big sister is the best thing since sliced bread, and when she's not at school, he's usually following her into whatever trouble she may lead him.

I've come to the conclusion that pull ups drastically slowed down his progress. After a day or two of soaking through his pants, he seemed to be much more aware of his body's pottying needs. Honestly, he's been easier to potty train than his sister, even though I've always heard that boys are so much harder.

Of course, he's been strictly at home this week. Other than venturing out to wait for Kieradyn to get home from school, he's not left the house. So it will be interesting to see how he does when we're out visiting over the holidays. (That is where Pull Ups come in handy, though he has been waking up dry from naps and bedtime the last couple of days as well.)

I buzzed off his curls on Tuesday too, and I was practically in tears to see him looking and acting like such a big boy. How has my baby become this? (Do excuse the blurriness. The kidlet never stands still, and the Christmas Tree was on its flashing setting.)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Poor, Neglected Blog!

Well, I feel rather sheepish just now. The last time I posted, my son was just an infant, and my little girl was a chatty 3 year old. My daughter's chattiness hasn't changed, but she is a big kindergartner now. My boy-child will be 3 in February, and this week he has been mastering potty training. It amazes me to think back on where I was in 2009 when I first started this thing...

I don't really have an excuse as to why I've not been posting. Life just got the better of me, I suppose. I find that I am in need of an outlet lately, though, and I stumbled upon this little blog in stowed away in my bookmarks. So I figure that I'll give it another shot. 

That said, look for more from me soon. I doubt there will be anything incredibly profound, but you might find something amusing from time to time. I hope that anyone who takes the time to read this is doing well! I promise to try to do better. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Need Your Help!

Kieradyn loves being in front of the camera so much that I've decided to submit her photo to the CuteKid Contest this month. Each picture that is submitted for the contest is $19.95, and since I'm not made of money, I want to pick her very best one. We did a little mini-photo shoot yesterday at my grandma's house, just for fun. There are really good ones, but they're all so different! It doesn't help that I'm naturally terrible at making decisions. (Seriously, a run for milk and diapers can take me two hours while I debate over which would be the better deal...)

So, I've decided I'd post them here first and use the nifty poll feature blogger provides.

Whaddaya think? Are you willing to help me out?


The Photos:

Ready for My Close Up


Finding Dandelions

In the Fresh Mown Lawn

The poll is listed at the top of the column on the right!