Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bravery or Stupidity?

The husband and I had some Christmas shopping to finish up, and here are some things we learned today.

1. Best Buy really isn't all that kid friendly. We noticed that the movie aisles (where we spent most of our time) were surprisingly narrow, making it hard to navigate through without Gideon clearing the movies off of their shelves or Kieradyn thoughtlessly knocking into other shoppers. 

2. Shopping with a newly potty trained child means a lot of false potty alarms. 

3. In addition to these false alarms, Gideon is apparently terrified of public toilets. Hubby says he burst into tears at the sight of it. 

4. More than 10 minutes is too long in an electronics store with two kids along. (We were there for an hour).

5. There are still nice people in the world. Thank you fellow shoppers who offered us their spot in line because our kids were melting down. 

6. Probably the most important lesson of today was that next year we need to get a babysitter and go shopping without the little bra-- DARLINGS. Without the little darlings! 

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